Early bird registration and deadline:    April 15th - June 30th, 2016

Start and deadline for abstract submission:    April 15th - June 30th, 2016

Start of registration for Field Trip:    May 15th, 2016
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 How to go to GeoMod 2016 ?        Find first Montpellier !
Montpellier city is situated in the South of France. GEOMOD will take place 25 km SE, in the city of La Grande-Motte (between the Mediterranean sea and the l’Or pond). Go to the accommodation page for more informations :


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GEOMOD 2016 will take place in the city of La Grande-Motte, near Montpellier, South of France from October 17th (6-9 p.m. Ice Breaker Party) to October 20th, 2016 (6 p.m. End of GEOMOD 2016).

A Field Trip is scheduled for the day after the meeting, the 21 of October 2016 (Starting at 8:30 a.m.).

Maximum number of participants : 200 for the Conference and 40 for the Field Trip.
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 GeoMod 2016 is locally organised by Géosciences Montpellier, University of Montpellier. Please feel free to contact geomod2016@gm.univ-montp2.fr if you have any questions.
Webmaster: S. Dominguez / iWeb 3.04mailto:geomod2016@gm.univ-montp2.fr?subject=GEOMOD%20contactshapeimage_4_link_0

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